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Company Profile

Having over 20 years of e xperience in this industry,
GIO aims to provide versatile solutions that cater to every
customer’s needs. With a manufacturing facility and superior technology headquatered at Madurai,
Thalam – a brand of GIO believes that true innovation lies at the
intersection of functionality, aesthetics and affordability.
We are constantly pushing our boundaries to experiment
with material, form and function and hope to venture into new avenues over time.

Creating Divine Flooring, one tile at a time!

Consistency & growth are two values we live by at Thalam, and over the years we have imbibed them tremendously to create solutions that are customer centric. With an in-depth market study, our solutions are dr iven by the customer’s outlook and are constantly looking at ways to make their everyday more enjoyable.

Chairman’s Message

At GIO we nurture a culture of constant learning, open communication & adaptability. We believe the customer is the king and all aspects of our offerings – quality, finishing, design, pricing etc. are decided keeping this in mind. Thalam is what was born out of the need to create luxury that is affordable and accessible to people.

Our entire team works towards this goal which is the driving force behind what we do at Thalam. We strive to be leaders in the field of af fordable luxury fittings & floorings while taking up the demands and challenges of an ever changing market.

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